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Fighting Chance Medical Files Posted on Blackboard

I have posted the Fighting Chance Medical files to this blog that were originally posted on Blackboard for our convenience.  The process to post a file to the blog is to go to Site Adm, select Media, add new, drag and drop or browse and select.  Once you have added a media file, you will need to create a post to link the file to, then the file can be viewed on the blog (i.e. why this post was created), otherwise, you will only be able to view the file if you go to the Media area in the Site Adm.


Hello world!

Welcome to Fiesta Lunch

Feel free to post your favorite unique cultural recipes, especially those that are heart and diabetic friendly.  But if you’re not sure, post it anyway.  I will be working with a nutritionist to take favorite cultural recipes and see if we can’t come up with healthy substitutes.

Have a Fiesta!